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Just as a currency sign aims to place nano in the real world, the real world requires conformity to standards recognised on a global level. In nano’s case, this means following requirements set by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), which develops and publishes worldwide technical, industrial and commercial standards. The alphanumeric code requirements set by the ISO for the universal representation of currencies allows nano to join other globally accepted forms of money with a standard symbol and naming convention.

Example of nano next to similar currency symbols

Our new nano currency symbol is constructed of the latin letter capital X and the equals sign (=), with each diagonal line representing the send and receive part of a nano transaction , together forming a universal X and a double horizontal line representing the altruistic foundation of the network.

Most importantly, this sign is easy to draw universally, allowing for adoption by anyone, anywhere.

Explanation of nano currency symbol design

The single line version of the symbol is available as a Unicode character (U+04FE) and ready to be used today on any platform you need. Test it today by copying the symbol near the top of the page and sharing.

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